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The ccwComfortsling is designed to make carrying your handgun more comfortable by supporting all the weight of your gun, gear and holster over your shoulders and upper torso and eliminating the weight off your belt. 

You’ll be surprised how comfortable & pain free concealed carry can be when the weight of your handgun doesn’t cause your belt to droop and your pants to sag.

Designed for all-day carry and years of dependable service, the ccwComfortSling will make any handgun feel virtually weightless in the holster.  Turn your concealed carry weapon into a concealed COMFORT weapon!

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ccwComfortSling - Turn your concealed carry weapon into a concealed comfort weapon
Experts say, if you CAN carry, you should ALWAYS carry.

Law-abiding citizens use handguns to protect themselves from criminals over 1.9 million times a year. 
Don't be caught without your ccw because it was too uncomfortable to carry.

In the line of duty or as a way of life, the ccwComfortSling will make ANY handgun feel virtually weightless in the holster.  IWB, OWB, or Duty Carry!

ALWAYS CARRY comfortably!

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